HiBAR shampoo bar and conditioner bar with guaranteed zero plastic packaging and shipping. MAINTAIN for normal or oily…

SALON-QUALITY FORMULAS. To help save the world from single-use plastic, we need plastic-free products that are up there with the best. Every HiBAR formula is 100% safe for colored hair, no soap, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, or parabens.
FOR NORMAL OR OILY HAIR. Excellent cleansing to help maintain your hair, with honeyquat and shea butter to add shine. Also available: Moisturize and Fragrance-Free for dry or thicker hair, Volumize for thin, lifeless or curly hair, and Soothe for itchy, flaky scalp.
CURLY GIRL METHOD-FRIENDLY. All of our bars avoid ingredients like sulfates, so they’re gentle to curly hair.

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