Economarks Mission - Environmentalism, Conservation and Social Reform

Our mission is to analyze current environmental, ecological and social phenomena in the world, while providing accessible scientific tools and knowledge. We wish to stimulate lively discussion in the hope of creating social change in the world around us. The goal is to increase  public awareness and create public debate on these issues. We would like to encourage a change in society’s approach to  social, environmental, spatial,  and ecological events. We are looking to feature  a wide range of writers from the fields of Environmental or Ecological research, Conservation, Behavior, Geography, Geopolitics, Social Sciences, Biology, Astrophysics and Economics.

Dr. Maor Kohn: Chief Editor and owner

Maor Kohn, Ph.D., in Geography, Society and Environment, holds a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Geopolitics. Lecturer in geography, environment, politics and society. Writes in Maariv newspaper, and deals with a wide variety of fields. Pilot licensee, playwright and scriptwriter - creator of the international T.V series `Tehran`. Wrote books and articles.

Dr. Mati Cohen : Chief Writer and Owner

Mati Cohen, a biology professor on behalf of the Weizmann Institute of Science, a cancer researcher, lecturer and employee at a biotechnology company. Has written books and articles.

Ido Drob - Marketplace

Nature lover, Travel and Extreme Sports freak with rich experience, as owner and as an employee, in managing and operating companies, businesses and brands in the retail and wholesale market in key management roles (COO, VP Business Development, General Manager) in areas such as: manufacturing, trading, marketing and selling of consumer products and local brands And internationally on the On Line and Off Line channels. Has high capabilities for analyzing P&L reports and implementing vision and strategy while meeting output and metrics goals.

Tammy Kaplan Zabari

Tammy Kaplan Zabari-Editor and writer

Tammy is a reader, a writer, a worker and mother. She likes to tackle complex ideas and make them accessible, simple and intriguing. Scientifically trained in Biology and Ecology at a bachelor’s degree level. Business-driven and marketing focused by her MBA. Tammy has worked as a content developer and manager in the technology sector for many years with side trips to the financial sector as well. When she’s not at her computer, Tammy is spending time with her two kids, wandering around to find those elusive location gems or dancing the night away.

Yuval Payes - Conferences and Media

Holds a degree in Communication and a Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Organizational Consulting, served in a variety of senior positions in Maariv newspaper. Coach, graduate of the Tourism School.

Our Writers

Prof. Adi Wolfson

Professor of Chemical Engineering, researcher at the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering. Environmental activist, poet and author.

Prof. Moshe Gophen

Professor Moshe Gofen is a member of Kibbutz Afikim, a graduate of Beit Yerach. He completed his academic studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Senior researcher and director of the Kinneret Research Laboratory, scientific coordinator of the HULA project and senior scientist at Mi-gal. Publications: 230 articles , three books on the Sea of Galilee and the Hula Valley, a professor in Israel and the United States. Lives in Carmiel, father of 4 and grandfather of 13.

Adv. Oded Arbel

Oded Arbel is a lawyer with a B.A. and M.A. in law studies from Tel Aviv University. He recently graduated with a master's degree in history (specialization in antiquity - Rome) from Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Tomer Dekel

A city planner and geographer, doctoral student at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, an expert on informal urbanization processes, Bedouin settlement and political economy.

Dr. Dan Weinthal

Dr. of Biology on behalf of Tel Aviv University and `Volcani` Institute. A biotech entrepreneur in the field of genomics engineering.

Dr. Benny Furst

Geographer and environmental planner, teaches at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Technion. A veteran researcher and guide on the African continent.

Dr. Haim Koren

Expert in the Arab World. His Ph.D. focused on Islam in Sudan, and he also deals with issues as the Arab Media, the Arab Citizens of Israel. Lecturer at the IDC Hertzliya (currently Reichman University). The first Israeli ambassador to South sudan and Ambassador of Israel to Egypt (2014-2016).

Dr. Yitzhak Meitlis

Lecturer in Archaeology and History of the Biblical Period, author and a tour guide. Previously excavated at the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Dr. Rakefet Rosenfeld

Dr. Rakefet Rosenfeld is a biotechnology researcher and entrepreneur. She holds a bachelor's degree in biology and computer science, and a doctorate in computational biology. Formerly, a professor at the School of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University, she has been involved in the development of technologies and drugs in the industry for over twenty years. Today, she serves as a consultant to start-up companies in the field. She also functions as a lecturer, speaking about the hottest areas in biomedical research and their expected affect to our lives in the foreseeable future.

Dr. Rakefet Hadar-Gabay

Agronomist, M.Sc. in Ecology of Plants, PhD. In Molecular and Environmental Botany. Agronomical consultant in various fields related to trees, domestic plants, ecological requirements of plantings through integrating sustainability and modern konowledge concerning cultures and methods in agriculture and ecology. 30 yrs of experience including working with and at: Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, Jerusalem Municipality, "Vulcani" Institute for Agricultural research, Jtmt -Jerusalem light rail company, Tel aviv light rail company and more, Hebrew University and many cities (such as Rehovot, Tel Aviv, Haifa ) and projects throughout Israel.

Dr. Haim Moyal

Poultry ecologist, archaeologist and painter. He is currently a lecturer in science at Lewinsky College and Talpiot College and a researcher in the Department of Biblical Studies (in the field of random ecology) at Tel Aviv University. Has so far published 6 books in the field of poultry and also translated translated Henry Baker Tristram's famous book from the 19th century, "The Flora and Fauna of the Land of Israel" (Bialik Publishing).

Ofer Nissim

Ofer Nissim is a geographer and environmental consultant, a doctoral candidate in natural resources and environmental management - specializing in water resources management, environment and security, terrorism and the Middle East.

Adi Drucker

A musician, a musical producer, a recording and mixing technician and a recording studio owner. From an early age he was interested in aviation and hours in front of a flying simulator became a passion and a great interest in the world of science, technology and space. Personal Website:

Atar Zehavi

Atar Zehavi is a tour guide who specializes in field trips. He is married with two daughters and holds a B.A. in Marine Sciences and an M.A. in Environmental Studies. Personal Website:

Efi Ginsber

Holds a BA in History and an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the Open University. Investigates the local population's cooperation with the Nazis in Eastern Europe during the Holocaust. History columnist in Maariv newspaper.

Shoval Tirman

A data scientist by profession, produces and submits the podcast mindtalks.

Beni Nissim

A computer man in his past. Currently in retirement. Traveling around the world has been a hobby and a way of life for decades. Exposed to different cultures while trying to bring them to fruition on a personal note, not as a geographer, historian or discoverer of new worlds.

Oded Rahav

A serial entrepreneur, an environmental activist, advises and promotes business opportunities in the fields of water, agriculture and waste, works with international organizations such as the World Bank, food organizations, environmental organizations. Along with his friends, he goes out once a year for cross-border swimming and to raise echoes, raise awareness, raise influential people, raise funds and generate public opinion.

Dror Tamir

CEO of `Hargol Foodtech` and one of the founders. He has been a serial entrepreneur in the fields of food and nutrition for the past 15 years and has 28 years experience in finance, marketing and business development. Winner of 14 international innovation competitions.

Omri Matityahu

Graduated from Tel Aviv University with a master's degree in "Society and the Environment". Works as a technical manager in the field of 3D mapping (for UAV simulators, ground forces and civilian applications). A photographer. Dislikes weapon. Loves humans and cats. Lives in Tel Aviv but dreams of Osaka, Japan.

Mati Aharonyan

B.A. in biophysics and in Jewish philosophy, M.A. in physics at Bar Ilan University.

Shahar Gofer

Shahar Gopher holds an MA in Archeology and Egyptology, a lecturer in the history of architecture and a tour guide to Egypt. In addition, the manager of the "Ancient Egypt" Facebook group. Website: Facebook page:

Tsur Shezaf

Travel and prose writer, journalist, photographer and traveler. Documented wars on behalf of various media organizations and was the first western traveler to cross Central Asia after the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Website:

Noga Dayan-Kamil

Noga Dayan-Kamil holds a master's degree in history from Tel Aviv University. Teaches history at Lewinsky College. In 2021 she published her first novel and a few short stories.