Dr. Chimpanzee prescribed 2 doses of bug ointment a day


Chimpanzees in Gabon were spotted capturing bugs and applying them on wounds of other Chimps. Self-medicating in Chimpanzees is known, yet applying bugs to heal wounds has never been seen before. Scientists think these are signs of empathetic behavior, similar to humans.


Photo by: https://pixabay.com/photos/chimpanzees-monkeys-great-apes-3707292/


Breathe in the microplastic

A new study found that humans breathe airborne microplastic particles, mostly indoors. The study calculated that humans are exposed to approximately 2,675 airborne microplastic particles.

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Will Rubisco stop global warming?

Although fairly unknown, the most important protein in the world today is Rubisco (RuBPCase). It is an enzyme (protein) that allows forming sugar molecules from

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