The eye of the Sahara – The Richat Structure


The eye of the Sahara is a strange target-shaped geological formation also known as the “Richat Structure”. It is found in Mauritania, in the western part of the Sahara Desert. It is an enormous circular, mountainous, geologic landform measuring 50 km (30 miles) wide and 500 meters (548 yards) high.

The structure consists of mountainous rings formed by sedimentary rocks. It is widely believed that it was created by a meteor crash but to this day there is no conclusive evidence. Some scientists claim that the structure is a product of volcanic activity. Similar formations are scattered throughout the Sahara, yet in most of these cases there is no agreement as to how they were formed. Nevertheless, you can enjoy this impressive formation, whether from on-site pictures or from pictures taken from space from which the formation is clearly visible.


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