Following you can see a Crusader fortress built in the 12th century near the banks of the Jordan River in what today is Israel. It was built in order to secure a bridge across the river. The fort was completely destroyed a few months after it was erected. Amazingly, the fortress was erected just above a geological rift (Syrian African rift AKA the Great Rift Valley), whose geological activity sliced it down the middle.

While the fortress’s eastern side moved north with the Asian continent, its western side moved south west (with the African continent). Thus far, the sides have moved over 2 meters since the fort’s erection. A mosque that was built on top of the fort during the Muslim occupation has since also been split in two. The rapid displacement is attributed to two or three earthquakes that occurred at the site. Today, the fort helps to measure the rate of movement of tectonic plates in the area.

The name of the place – Ateret.

Photos by Maor Kohn

Uniquely Bee /Dr. Mati Cohen

Much has been said about bees disappearing around the world as has been previously described in Economark’s articles. Bees serve as the main flower-pollinators, and

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