Elon Musk is an American entrepreneur and businessman. Beyond the profit margins of his various ventures, what motivates Musk is his vision. He aims to make our lives more efficient by a variety of technological solutions thereby reducing global warming. He works towards transitioning to renewable energy on earth and creating a backup plan for humanity in the event of a catastrophic event by creating a multi-planet deployment approach whether for research purposes or to establish a permanent colony.

Musk started out with several Internet ventures, primarily PayPal, which was bought by eBay for $ 1.5 billion in 2002. In the same year, Musk established space X, which has since focused on the design and construction of missiles and space vehicles.

The company has signed contracts with NASA and other organizations for satellite and spacecraft launches. Musk is then capitalizing on these profits to finance the realization of his vision, to bring a manned mission to Mars.

In 2003, Musk helped establish Tesla, a manufacturing company of electric vehicles. As before, he used similar tactics, a high-end expensive leisure car as the company’s first model. With the profits of his sales he planned, financed and set up production lines for lower-end and cheaper models to realize his real vision for the company, a mass designed electric car, which will help to significantly reduce the exhaust gases and pollution of today’s fuel powered cars.

Another company, SolarCity, which developed Tesla’s battery technology and developed it for solar charging, set up a solar grid as an alternative to the commonly available electric grid thus reducing the company’s dependence on the polluting electric grid that uses fuels such as oil and coal.

Another direction in which Musk sees the possibility of improving and facilitating human life is the use of computer learning and artificial intelligence. To this end, he has founded two companies: OpenAI and Neuralink. OpenAI deals with research and development of “nice” artificial intelligence, such that machines that outperform humans serve humanity’s interests. Neuralink, develops a novel human-machine interface that will allow direct connection to the computer, without using a keyboard, mouse or any other device.

Transportation is another area in which Musk is innovating. He is aiming to move transportation arteries underground, in order to ease the growing traffic congestion. Therefore, he helped create the Boring Company, which creates innovative tools for digging tunnels, tools that greatly reduce the cost of mining and the efficiency of work. Additionally, Hyperloop, carries out research and development in the field of inter-urban high-speed transportation, for transportation in special tunnels.

As opposed to other entrepreneurs who start a company and leave for their next challenge when it is peaking, Elon Musk remains involved in all of his management projects, as CEO, chairman or board member, and in most of them actively as an engineer and chief designer.