23 Bees Wood Bird House

Bird Watching Paradise – Feast your eyes on mother nature’s beautiful creations as they pick this birdhouse as their home. Your garden will become a bird oasis. Each home comes with a wooden slat so your garden birds can perch on and you can enjoy their presence.
Sleek Modern Design – Each birdhouse was designed with high quality compressed fir. A subtle pop of color was added to perfectly coexist within the natural colors of your garden. Or as your next DIY project add a touch of your own flair. Easy to paint and add accents. Perfect for children, kids and adults of all ages. The birdhouse features a hole in the bottom of each compartment for air ventilation and water drainage.
Easy to Install and Clean – The birdhouses bring ease and functionality to your garden. They come equipped with sliding back doors on each compartment for cleaning purposes. The birdhouse is weather resistant ( waterproof ), and constructed with weather resistant screws. It is fully assembled and ready to mount. *Screws to mount not included.

Amazon.com Price: 38.99$48.99$ (as of 02/01/2024 16:29 PST- Details)