Addicted to Soap – Old Fashioned Natural Shampoo Bar Packed in Biodegradable Plastic XL 4 Ounces Eco-Friendly Solid Bar Shampoo for Men & Women Organic Coconut Oil Sulfate Free Leaves Hair Shiny Soft

CONTAINS ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS AND NO HARSH DETERGENTS OR CHEMICALS, so you can use it with confidence, even with sensitive skin
ALL-VEGAN BARS ARE 100 PERCENT BIODEGRADABLE AND GOOD FOR THE EARTH, Our soaps are packed in Biodegradable Plastic Wrap that decomposes naturally in the environment, so are soaps and pasckaging are Eco-friendly 🙂
REFRESHING SCENTS GIVE YOU VARIETY WITH EVERY USE, with options including virgin coconut and argan oil, tea tree and peppermint, so you can try them all to find your favorite Price: 6.99$ (as of 02/01/2024 16:24 PST- Details)