BOVADO USA Glassware Sets – Parent

? LOOK OUT PLASTIC, THERE’S A NEW SHERRIFF IN TOWN – Replace that ugly stack of warped, flimsy plastic food containers with these premium glass meal prep containers. They’re small and stackable, so they won’t take up much room in your pantry.
? VARIETY OF SIZES FOR ALL YOUR COOKING & STORAGE NEEDS – You’ll receive four glass salad containers in these sizes: 1QT (6.9 x 3-inch), 1.5QT (8.1 x 3.5-inch), 2.5QT (9.2 x 3.9-inch), and 4QT (10.4 x 4.2-inch). There’s a size for all your cooking, prepping, and storage needs.
? SAFE TO USE WITH HOT AND COLD FOODS – One of the biggest benefits of storing foods and liquids in glass is that it’s nonporous. You won’t have to worry about food, germs, or even smells seeping into your glass bowls. The same can’t be said for plastic! Price: 34.99$ (as of 02/01/2024 16:30 PST- Details)