POTEY Terracotta Plant Watering Stakes – Automatic Self Waterer Devices Spikes for Vacations Irrigation, Self-Watering for Indoor Outdoor Plants 6 Pack

[DEEP ROOT WATERING] Timed and slow water seepage through spike into the soil promotes healthy root growth. Through Watering Spikes, preserve all valuable nutrients in the soil that would otherwise be washed away with conventional water can or wand hose watering. Use as plant food spikes and no need for a plant moisture meter indoor. Watering Spikes is an excellent garden irrigation system kit, and alternative to garden or plant watering can. Water therapy for your plants.
[PREMIUM MATERIAL]Made of premium terracotta, these watering stakes are durable, have good permeability and anti-weathering. Whether your plants are indoor or outdoor, these self-watering spikes will keep your plants alive by delivering just the right amount of water to them. No need to worry when you go to travel or on business, trusting your plants will be cared for well by this plant waterer. Wine or soda bottles are perfect reservoir can sustain your plant’s watering needs for up to 14 days.
[Healthier Plants] Using an automatic watering system ensures that your plants get just the right amount of water. These environmentally friendly plant watering devices prevent underwatering and overwatering so your plants have just the right amount of water at all times. This promotes healthier roots and stronger plants. It also prevents water overflow so you won’t lose any soil or valuable nutrients. These simple irrigation spikes can be installed and running in minutes.

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