Silicone Baking Mats

EVERY BAKERS DREAM – Cook like a Michelin Star chef in your own home with Tonmidej Silicone Oven Mat! Built to withstand the heat in the kitchen (480 degrees F) and freezingly low (-40 degrees F) temperatures whilst maintaining it’s non-stick capabilities, there’s no need for parchment paper, fats or oils any longer!
DELICIOUS BAKES – These silicone baking sheets offer a consistent heat distribution for that perfectly even bake, every time. Ideal to make your gooey chocolate chip cookies, golden-brown breads, fluffy cakes, pizza dough, bubbling casseroles and crisp yet tender vegetables even tastier!
EASY CLEANUP – Forget about wasting time and elbow grease with these nonstick baking mat! Simply wipe clean with warm soapy water and it’ll be brand new! When it’s time to put away, this baking sheet silicone mat conveniently rolls up for ultimate ease of use. Price: 14.99$ (as of 02/01/2024 16:33 PST- Details)