Russian satellite explosion – fear of a cold war in space


Russia has experimented with an anti-satellite missile. The missile was launched at an old Russian satellite that was no longer in use.As a result of the explosion, the satellite disintegrated and dropped thousands of fragments, endangering the active satellites and the operation of the international space station. The small particles move at high speeds, and a collision can cause significant damage and even crush active bodies in space. The space debris problem has been discussed at the Economarks website in the past. There is a fundamental difficulty in “cleaning” space of particles orbiting the earth. Without getting into the accusations between the US and Russia, the question arises: why do the Russians need satellite-destroying missiles? Isn’t this bullying?

In the world we live in today there is close cooperation between the Russians and the Americans who operate the space station together, and as a rule, astronauts reach the space station using Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

The much debris that has accumulated on the fringes of the Earth’s atmosphere indicates, once again, how an unmanaged space, where different stakeholders do whatever they please, can become a global trouble, where we all, as usual, pay the price.


Volcanic activity on Venus

Magellan spacecraft sent images showing volcanic activity on Venus. The images were captured in the early 90’s and have been reexamined, showing volcanic activity near

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