The Crocodile – Genetic Wonder with Ultimate Resilience


The crocodile, not (just) what you thought. The crocodile is not only a dangerous predator, ancient (200 million years old) and terrifying. It has some wonderful biological properties:

  1. Immune system: The crocodile has an optimal immune system. It is almost completely immune to infection with viruses and bacteria (natural antibiotics), able to eat rotting carcasses and swim in contaminated water without being affected. There are claims that the crocodile’s blood is also resistant to cancer (cannot be infected with the disease) and also against AIDS, and may be possible to produce antibodies for these diseases also for the Humans.

Studying Crocodile Blood Could Lead To New Cancer Treatments

  1. The crocodile’s body can treat injuries, infections caused by injuries and regenerate limb or tail very effectively.
  2. The life expectancy of the alligator is not a known fact, but there is evidence that crocodiles are able to live several hundred years. Their aging is slow and they are, as noted, almost never get sick.
  3. The crocodile metabolism is particularly slow, so they settle with one prey for many months. The crocodile consumes almost everything that is eaten, including skin and bones, and emits very little waste, small white dung of calcium that does not pollute the environment in which it is infested (see picture). This is what makes it possible to grow many crocodiles in a small habitat. Sometimes a small reservoir is sufficient to accommodate hundreds of crocodiles, where water quality is not impaired and does not fill with excrement. In this way, the crocodiles contribute to the ecosystem, they remove polluting carcasses from the environment and leave nothing behind.

    Right: Crocodile egg. Left: Crocodile dung. The droppings are small, odorless and easily disintegrating.
    Photo by Maor Kohn
  4. These animals are very economical and very clean. They rarely move, tend to be cold-blooded, spend many hours in the sun, and have wonderful symbiosis with other animals, such as birds, fish, and other crocodiles. They are considered companion animals and one of the only reptiles who take care of the next generation of offspring in a jealous way.
  5. The crocodiles, that are able to operate efficiently in the water and on the ground, are perfect killing machines. Their skin is used as a shield and a heat regulator. They can dive underwater for over an hour and a half, run and walk great distances on land, hear and see excellent, feel small vibrations in the water from a great distance. All these make him the perfect survivor, especially those species that can also live in salt water.



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