Scientists do not yet know what causes the emergence of circular vegetation in the Namibia. Thousands of circles, from the low-lying herbs to the Marienflusstal Valley, some reach 12 meters in diameter and bloom in 30-60 year cycles. A unique and inexplicable phenomenon of nature attributed to the “economical” behavior of plants’ water in arid climates, soil structure, salt concentrations and other various theories. In practice, an alien, unique, early landscape is obtained.

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Mangroves capturing earth’s carbon

New research finds that mangroves in Mexico have been capturing and releasing carbon and nitrogen in a process called biogeochemical cycling for 5,000 years. Mangroves

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Dust storms in Iraq cause havoc

Iraq is experiencing heavy dust storms, creating much damage. Photos coming from refugee camps show the refugees covered completely in dust. Iraq pleads for help,

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