According to the 3M State of Science survey, 14,000 people were asked how much they trusted science. About 35% said they were skeptical of science, up 3% from last year.

Another example of this skeptic group can be viewed in the Netflix documentary movie “Behind the Curve”. The film depicts the flat earth theory believers. Apparently, their community is growing. In this movie, believers claim that all the evidence that the Earth is round is fake propaganda created by the administration, led mainly by the US space agency, NASA Because members of this community do not trust conventional science, they are conducting their own experiments. Among other things, they purchased an elaborate laser gyroscope that showed them that the Earth has a 15 degree angle per hour (15 * 24 equals 360 degrees).

This result did not convince them and their explanation for this was that the sky was moving. Not the Earth.Another fascinating experiment performed was placing two rods about 6 km apart from each other, at sea level. A laser aimed at the other rod was placed on one pole. A third, perforated rod was placed at the same height as the two on the sides. If the earth is flat, the expectation was that light will move from the first pole to the second pole through the hole, without interruption.

This experiment also failed. The pole was too low, again indicating that the earth is round. This too, did not convince the flat earth believers.Back to the 3M survey. People tend to accept scientific research as long as the results of the experiment are compatible with their senses. That is, if a scientific result is inconsistent with one’s subjective sensations, it is often perceived as wrong.This is also the case with the Behind the Curve film about the flat earth beliefs. It was recently reported that the flat earth’s community scientists are planning the ultimate experiment to prove their claim. They plan to go on a journey to the edge of the world.

According to their claim: ” On the fringe of the earth there is a massive wall of ice that surrounds Antarctica. The ice shelf is several hundred meters thick.” The purpose of the wall, somewhat reminiscent of the formidable Games of Throne wall, is to block researchers from discovering the terrible truth. Yes, it seems the excuses have already been prepared for their expected failure.We, of course, wish them success on their journey and hope the results will convince them.As scientists and logical thinkers, it is important to reiterate that science is nothing more than a tool. Science is not a belief system but a way of looking at the world objectively, analytically in order to learn what is correct in our world without bias and not based on emotions or feelings.


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