Volcano Eruption in South Pacific Warns Coastlines Against Incoming Tsunami


A volcano eruption in the South Pacific has caused alert for the US and Japan and people on the Pacific coastlines, to move away from the shore against tsunami waves. High waves of about 1.2 meters hit the south countryside of Japan, while over 3 meters hit the coastline. The US has been warned of coastal flooding, strong waves and currents and as well for people to clear away from these areas. This began from a massive underwater volcanic eruption which caused waves higher of more than a meter to crash into Tonga. The eruption was heard across the South Pacific, even up into the US. Parts of Tonga are experiencing blackouts, and ash overlay. Gas, ash, smoke from the volcanic eruption reached as high as 20 km into the sky, rushing people to seek shelter amidst their hysteria. Volcanologists are saying that this may be one of the biggest eruptions in the Tonga area in the last 30 years, spreading violently throughout the residential areas. The neighboring cities and their government officials to those who have been affected are working to provide the right aid and support for those in need of resources.

Photo by: Jess Loiterton