A pathogen parasite infected sea urchins in the Red Sea and causes massive dying. The same parasite attacked sea urchins in the Caribbean 40 years ago and caused irreparable damage. Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Greece, and Turkey also have a massive sea urchin dying due to the parasite.


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The wall of mental comfort

According to the 3M State of Science survey, 14,000 people were asked how much they trusted science. About 35% said they were skeptical of science,

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Diving under the wave-opinion column

The upcoming transition from the previous year’s personal, social, national, international, and economic challenges was, at least for me, a time of introspection. And in

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Climate change makes us sick

New research showed that 58% of infectious diseases became more severe and widespread as a result of an extreme climate event. Global warming, floods, wildfires,

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