Have we become like Marie Antoinette? Tammy Kaplan Zabari


While enjoying the spring blossoms and colors on a nice spring walk in Brookside Gardens of Maryland , I happened upon this beautiful piece of art in the shape of Marie Antoinette. When stepping closer I was amazed to find that the beautiful dress was made from plastic bags and trashed single use plastic.

This magnificent work is named ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD by Keira Hart-Mendoza in collaboration with Margie Jervis. It was prepared as part of the Legacy project – Our Lives of Consumption and Waste an interdisciplinary art project involving an outdoor exhibit and dance performance by uprooted Dance company of Washington DC.

Meanwhile, we are left to wander – is our consumption based society behaving like the privileged royalty of yesteryear. Are we also sending our planet to “eat cake” when our planet’s resources are dwindling partially because of single-use plastic pollution. It is a harrowing thought and definitely a wake up call for all of us in the form of art.


Legacy project- Our Lives of Consumption and Waste – April 2019- Brookside gardens – Wheaton MD. Uprooted dance Company will be performing on April 28th, 2019.


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