Mice embryos created with no sperm, egg or uterus!


Scientists from the Weizmann institute in Israel created artificial models of mice embryos from stem cells, that developed outside the uterus. The embryos were not originated from fertilized eggs, which is why they are “artificial”. This could lead to organs and tissues grown from stem cells in the near future which could take medicine many steps forward.

Photo by: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-baby-mouse-159483/


The burps you can see from space

The environmental company GHGSat detected with its high-resolution satellite Methane emission created by cattle on a Californian ranch. The gas emitted had enough energy to

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The wall of mental comfort

According to the 3M State of Science survey, 14,000 people were asked how much they trusted science. About 35% said they were skeptical of science,

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Sparkly fish out on the loose

Zebrafish are freshwater fish that is being used for many medical researches. A farm in Brazil genetically engineered the Zebrafish to glow, alas, they escaped

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