Quite a few consumers have fallen, and are still falling, into the marketing trap known as bottled water. It is one of the bestselling products in the world. Consumers feel that tap water is unworthy of drinking, or at least falls in taste and quality behind bottled water. But, just how different is mineral water from tap water?

Whether it is poured through the plumbing in a house, pumped in the Alps or desalinated from the sea, water is still water. This, of course, assuming that your water pipe is clean and not in advanced stages of disintegration, rust or any other contamination. But, the risk of drinking tap water is equal to the risk of buying a bottle of mineral water. And even if their quality is damaged, it is still cheaper to clean the pipes by installing a filter just before entering the house.

However, in most cases, there is actually no need for advanced filtration systems that include ultraviolet light bulbs, biological, chemical and radioactive filtration systems, a limescale filter or reverse osmosis purification systems. The water in the faucet is clean, clear, contains much more materials that are essential to our health and its quality certainly does not fall behind mineral water. By the way, in many cases, tap water is pumped from the same sources as mineral water. Then, what is the big difference? The price, of course! A liter of cooled water can reach over four dollars. Take the same cost for tap water, only to get 1000 liters. Do the math. Same water, not nearly the same price.

True, there is the matter of taste, which is mainly psychological. But, there is also the issue of plastic bottles. If we leave the environmental aspect aside for a moment, it is worth asking whether the water that stays for many, many days in plastic bottles, in the sun, in un-cooled trucks, in gas stations, in warehouses, on the floor of containers – is healthier than tap water. Research has shown that fuel vapor can penetrate the bottles and contaminate the water, so why pay an exorbitant price for that?

To keep true in advertising, water companies draw water from springs. As a result, there is a fatal blow to nature reserves (such as the Ein Gedi nature reserve near the Dead Sea in Israel, which is drying up), the ecological balance, natural vegetation and wildlife. And all for what?

The following video shows one of the biggest scams of modern industry – mineral water.



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