Teach your kids their Eco responsibility early/Tammy Kaplan Zabari


We often ask ourselves what we can do to help earth. One of the important things is to teach your kids to think of our planet in day-to-day life and actively make good choices for our planet.

At home, we always recycle. When throwing items away, my kids will always consider whether the item belongs in the recycling blue bin, compost bin collection or landfill trash.

One of my main issues is single-use plastics. I try to teach my kids to refrain from them in order to avoid the plastic bottles and bags floating in rivers and oceans all over our world. They’ve seen pictures of various marine animals caught in netting and plastic. We plan in advance and bring multi-use bottles of water when going on an outing. We refrain from buying body wash bottles and choose soap bars instead. We just recently started using shampoo bars as well. When packing foods we use multi-use containers rather than zip bags. We also try to reuse plastic containers in other ways such as in our arts and crafts activities.

Recently, I encountered another way to teach kids about recycling and pollution prevention – Croyola’s ColorCycle program. It is a program for North American schools to collect markers and then send them to Crayola for repurposing. It is a great way to keep markers away from our landfills and engage our kids in a recycling initiative for items they use and are familiar with
Suggest it to teachers at your school.
If you can share this post with others and we can keep dozens of pounds of markers from reaching our landfills.