A rare seal was found in Jerusalem

Image by Nick115 from Pixabay

During archeological work in the City of David in Jerusalem, a 2000-year-old seal from the Second Temple period was discovered.

The seal was probably used as a ring of a wealthy man and made of Amethyst stone. The color of the seal is in shades of purple and lilac and researchers say that several elements are engraved on it but the most interesting one is a special and unusual engraving that has not been seen before that discovery. It describes a plant that was in biblical times and is called “Persimmon Perfume”.

The ancient fruit doesn’t look like the fruit we know today.

In biblical times the plant was considered prestigious and was used to produce ointments, perfumes and was part of the incense in the temple. In addition it was a very expensive plant and therefore it is believed that a rich man wore it

At the end of the Second Temple period the seals were common, but until today no revealed seal had this type of engraving on it.


Image by Nick115 from Pixabay

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