A new research claims that spiders may experience REM. REM is the sleep state where humans tend to dream. The spiders were twitching their legs while sleeping much like cats and dogs when dreaming.


Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lonesomecrow/4687454364/in/photolist-89dqSG-onWJts-28H89Uf-YEkqMc-pqfM8f-5kXXMS-WUPSNP-A2pRet-YQC8Pk-GM5LB4-HprW4y-HLyegA-oXxnRu-oVu2XH-9c3BZC-Mc3Lxz-bvt4nh-fJqTGY-CYTosY-29mkgBR-XQw3qE-fRYBtv-cthibu-fRX3xS-bt2ypf-nWv6JJ-Yu3keY-oX4D9t-9P4wyY-6ZH4oK-2bGfDLb-WWU8Z1-5owfVZ-21gTHyN-p39jGr-9A4DDV-xDuvj-bH2Zpn-cYgWt7-btZG3T-advuvK-NtAmuh-aACiNp-bFWqAg-5kXY9E-aYkuez-5pJSUf-aaRUqf-97NT9M-gvQbDS


The burps you can see from space

The environmental company GHGSat detected with its high-resolution satellite Methane emission created by cattle on a Californian ranch. The gas emitted had enough energy to

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Acid Rain

Acid rain, is a rain that is below pH 5.6 which is the acidity of normal rain. The rainwater dissolves CO2 in the atmosphere, making

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Artemis will launch on Monday

Artemis, NASA’s giant moon rocket, will launch on Monday. The mission will head to and beyond the moon, and is expected to return to earth

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